unsurpassED in OUR ABILITY
to capture THe beautiful
sights and sounds
of your wEDDing day
on video at a great price

Nothing captures your wedding memories like a professionally composed wedding film. It is the best way to re-live the excitement of the day and to experience all the moments you may have missed. XIK Pictures is unsurpassed in its ability to capture the beautiful sights and sounds of your wedding day on film at a great price.

High Quality is what we strive to achieve with every wedding production. Our video equipment is all digital and therefore is compact and easily blends in with your wedding activities. Our crew carries a full range of equipment to bring your wedding day back to life through Film.

Affordability is possible. Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Whether you are a budget conscious couple or a couple desiring the ultimate in creative wedding videography and photography we offer a variety of packages that can be customizable to meet your needs and budget. Outstanding Professionalism is our most common compliment from our customers. We love weddings. We would be honored to produce your wedding video and photography and we understand the responsibility this carries. Our videographers/ photographers are trained to capture your cherished wedding moments tastefully and respectfully.


XIK Pictures is the new wedding brand of CVC Media. The company owns top end 4K broadcast equipment which puts it at the very top of locally produced television programmes. Apart from award winning television programmes, this equipment and unparallaled human resources can also deliver high-end productions for social occasions such as weddings, concerts, company profiles and adverts.

CVC`s broadcast quality cameras and latest technology in non-linear editing systems include the top end High Definition/4K format. The company has regularly produced corporate productions for well known companies like Magro Group, Abrahams' Vini e Capricci, Malta International Airport, Savina, KDM Group, GlobeGround, Ministry for Gozo, David's Bakery, Laferla, G4S, and the FXB Group.



CVC has, for the past thirty years, delivered hundreds of traditional wedding albums. Digital photography today allows clients to build an album which is entirely of their own choice. Print sizes, all produced on professional photo paper, vary to accommodate tastes. Print manipulation facility and re rendering in black and white and sepia are also available. The print size range is wide and goes from postcard 6 x 4 formats to jumbo enlargements. Canvas, lamination and special printing is also available.

Digital Album /
Picture Story

Modern digital photography has enhanced the quality of wedding photography. CVC can produce the modern picture story, a top quality printed version of the traditional album which however offers a much better presentation than the photo album. The 16 x 12 ins (other sizes available) album is entirely custom built to clients` tastes. Each page carries a one single enlargement or a combination of prints that focus on a particular moment during the wedding. Clients can view the layout before it is printed.


CVC also produces attractive digital guest books which include photos taken in a pre wedding session. These can be combined with old personal and family prints that hold memories which the couple would like to share with guests on the wedding day. The guestbook is actually a gift that the couple can invest in. It will forever treasure captured memories. Pre wedding sessions are held in attractive locations so that the guest book will also reveal a touch of nature, architecture and history! Clients can also check the layout so that the guestbook will also be personalised.