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Our Process

When it comes to choosing a video/film production company, there’s no substitute for experience. From the evolution of the cutting room floor to the high definition realm of digital film editing,CVC Media has vast video production experience over the past three decades. We’ve worked alongside some of the world’s biggest TV channels to produce a huge range of programmes. From informative news segments to short films: you name it, we’ve done it. Now we focus our skills on clients. We create quality corporate video, training videos, promos and more to suit your needs and budget.

We’ve seen it all in the past 30 years. As the popularity of the Internet has grown, businesses have discovered more opportunities to ensure their corporate video is seen by a wide audience. Instead of relying on TV coverage, you can create great promotional films and use web video marketing techniques to get it seen. If you want a video production company to help support your video marketing, CVC Media can help.

Our Facilities

CVCmedia is a full service Creative Services, Film Production, Post Production and Audio Post, - part of a new generation of directorial, editorial, graphics and sound houses that combine the dynamics of a small creative studio with the most current technology.

Our goal is to provide a place that inspires the creative mind to explore, innovate and “ReThink the Obvious”.

To re think the creative ideas brought to us by the client, we implore all creative staff to not only think outside the box, but redefine what that box is; to challenge the norms, inspire alternative thinking and ReThink the Obvious.

CVC media has been forming a unique facility and a unique brand with attention to the One Thought Process.

Video on Demand