MALTA U LIL HINN MINNHA: Malta’s top TV cultural journalism programme in 2015/2016

For yet another year, CVC Media`s Malta u lil hinn minnha has once again been voted Malta`s best TV cultural programme. This award, organised by The Malta Institute of Journalists, is a welcome and fitting recognition to CVC Media`s nonstop efforts in promoting the many different aspects of the identity of the Maltese islands. The programme regularly presents features that expose the arts, history, culture, food and the natural environment that together make the Maltese islands unique. Moreover, this past winning edition also presented many success stories achieved by Maltese emigrants living in Australia…all filmed on location by CVC`s filmcrew.

The producers would like to thank all those involved…presenters, researchers and script writers, technical personnel and overseas logistic coordinators who, together, succeeded to produce and present this marathon cultural programme on a weekly basis.

Due credit also goes to the many programme sponsors and to Public Broadcasting Services Ltd who, since the programme inception, believed in us.