Weekly magazine produced for nine years

Zmeraldi, which was produced for nine years, brought home a weekly magazine programme by young people for young people – though many who were out of their teens, regularly used to sneak on the programme to catch up on the curious world the younger generation lives in.

Zmeraldi regularly presented the aspirations, dreams and challenges that Malta`s young generation faces in these modern times, lifestyle features that promote hobbies, talent, activities, life on campus, educational opportunities and entertainment events as well as career slots that promote the various work related opportunities available in Malta.

Occasionally, Zmeraldi ventured beyond Malta's shores through special editions that were in one way or another,

directly linked to local youth. The series was also accepted by the European Regional Youth network (ERY) to cover and promote across frontier youth activities and initiatives.

Zmeraldi wais filmed and edited by George Scicluna who coproduced with director Alvin Scicluna. It was presented by Katya Scicluna, Ylenia Caruana and Carl Grech. The production team included Matthew Sultana and Mariella Rapa.

Zmeraldi has won the much coveted Best Children/Youth TV series on five separate occasions and it has also made it to the final stages of the Best Overseas Journalism and Best Broadcast Film category.